Sunday, 6 June 2010

Olive oil on my face?!

I think in this day and age it is easy to get swept up in all the advertisement telling you that you need this and that in order to get the perfect hair/skin or whatever it may be that everyone lusts after and what all the women in the adverts seem to have. Don't get me wrong I'm as guilty of this crime as the next person, all it takes is a product to be mentioned in the 'Beauty favourites' of my favourite magazine and I want it. No wait I NEED it! Well the reason that I'm writing this post is to tell you that sometimes the solution to your beauty problems is right at home staring you in the face, in the kitchen cupboard to be more precise. Of course I am talking about olive oil (as you can probably tell from the title ;).

Not only is olive oil super tasty (and good for you!) drizzled over a salad it also serves well as a beauty treatment for hair skin and nails, here are some of my favorite uses...

1) As a cleanser: I've been using olive oil as a cleanser for the past two weeks now since my LUSH Baby Face cleanser ran out. I was desperate for a cleanser and couldnt get to the shops for one since it was already night time and I remembered hearing about olive oil form a youtube video aaaaages ago, so I gave it a try, I got some of the oil (extra virgin) and massaged it all over my face, then I used a wet cellulose face sponge (I wash cloth would work fine) and wiped the oil off my face. Not only did it get my makeup of a dream, it left my skin GLOWING and sooo soft. It worked so well that I've not gone to replace my usual cleanser, although I may go back to it and alternate between the cleanser and olive oil. I have very dry skin and this treatment was very hydrating although I don't know whether I would reccomend this for people with oily skin.

2) As an exfloiator: Mix olive oil and sugar, rub it all over your face, wash it off and Oula! beautiful, glowing, baby soft skin. (Form a paste with the oil and sugar and it works great as a lip scrub for chapped lips :)

3)As a cuticle oil: Take small amounts and massage it into your cuticles. Easy as that! It works great too :)

4) Disguise split ends: take a very small amount (I mean VERY, you dont want your hair to look greasy) rub it into the tips of your hair to hydrate and diguise split ends.

So there you go, you don't need to spend a fortune to look fabulous ;) If you liked this hopefully I will do some more of these 'home remedy' posts in the future :)

L.R xoxox

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Erm, don't really know what to say but it felt weird just jumping straight in with a beauty blog without a little introduction, so here it is as feeble as it may be.

I'm 17 years old and when I'm in need of a break from working hard for my AS levels i turn to shopping, mainly for makeup but I like to dabble in a bit of clothes shopping as well ;)

I origionally started off watching YouTube videos and once I started I was addicted and i mean addicted! I really wanted to do something like that, however I'm not a natural 'talker' I can't just sit infront of a camera and just talk and make it seem natural, I would be forever worrying if I was talking too quietly or too loudly, If my hair looked bad, If I had something in my teeth etc etc you get the jist. In the end I decided it wasn't worth the stress...but then, I discovered blogging -well not really discovered, I did know it exsisted but I kind of subconciously overlooked it- and I decided that blogging was for me, I like writing, I can stop to think about what I want to write halfway through a blog without having to worry about messing up a video, and best of all i can sit writing in my pyjamas, hair a mess and no makeup and nobody would even know!

so thats it, my pointless blog on why I decided to start a blog, I hope that if you read this you didn't feel it was a complete waste of you time :) Talk to you later with a REAL blog post that is actually beauty related, till then tata!

L.R xoxox