Saturday, 5 June 2010


Erm, don't really know what to say but it felt weird just jumping straight in with a beauty blog without a little introduction, so here it is as feeble as it may be.

I'm 17 years old and when I'm in need of a break from working hard for my AS levels i turn to shopping, mainly for makeup but I like to dabble in a bit of clothes shopping as well ;)

I origionally started off watching YouTube videos and once I started I was addicted and i mean addicted! I really wanted to do something like that, however I'm not a natural 'talker' I can't just sit infront of a camera and just talk and make it seem natural, I would be forever worrying if I was talking too quietly or too loudly, If my hair looked bad, If I had something in my teeth etc etc you get the jist. In the end I decided it wasn't worth the stress...but then, I discovered blogging -well not really discovered, I did know it exsisted but I kind of subconciously overlooked it- and I decided that blogging was for me, I like writing, I can stop to think about what I want to write halfway through a blog without having to worry about messing up a video, and best of all i can sit writing in my pyjamas, hair a mess and no makeup and nobody would even know!

so thats it, my pointless blog on why I decided to start a blog, I hope that if you read this you didn't feel it was a complete waste of you time :) Talk to you later with a REAL blog post that is actually beauty related, till then tata!

L.R xoxox

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